Monday, December 08, 2008

Beauty Party!!!

My friend Diana Miller won a beauty party from Benefit Cosmetics for 8 of her closest friends. Naturally, I was included.

We all gathered at the Benefit store (yes, it's just as girly and cutesy as the company's packaging - see below) on 3rd Street in West Hollywood for champagne and finger foods, free make-up applications and beauty treatments - our choices: eyebrow wax, lip wax, or lash tint.

The store - products galore!

Well's Butler (owner of Primp clothing - which she is rocking above) getting her tint on!

Sarah doing the brows

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Diana testing a new lippy

My makeover with Tiffany

I was introduced to some incredible new products including Erase Paste (part cover-up, part diffuser), Talk To The Tan (sheer, gel-based shimmery tint that washes off - Hair-Crazed Jenny was obsessed!) and Creaseless Cream Shadows (similar to the MAC paint pots) in very wearable colors. My old favorites were there to, like Bad Girl Black Liner.

Diana post makeover

Sarah and Wells post makeover

What a way to spend Thursday evening - champagne, beauty products and good friends! This is a beauty whore's ultimate dream! Come to think of it, this beauty party would make a fab birthday or bridal shower... Hmmm...

Thanks, Lucky Diana! I had so much F-U-N!


L said...

Sarah, where did you get your necklace you're wearing in this post? i love it! ...and pretty makeovers btw!

jog said...

what products did they use on you? what did they use on Diana? you both look terrific as does wells!

Beauty Banter said...

Hi L,
My necklace is from my friend Veronique's collection. You can view her website at

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

Hi Jog,

They used creaseless eyeshadows in a variety of colors (but "birthday suit" is an amazing neutral/ beige), lip gloss, bad gal eye liner and, and a very small amount of the new benetint in pink (posietint) on the cheeks.

Beauty Banter

Luxury said...

I need some eye wax.

Amber said...

What's more fun than a Benefit party? Love it! And Erase Paste has changed my LIFESTYLE.

Diana said...

BEST PARTY EVER!!! Sooooo fun!
it's like a semi-adult sleepover party... all that was missing is someone to braid our hair.
i love all my girlfriends who came.. and obviously no party.. let alone MAKEUP PARTY ...would be complete without my Sarah. Thanks for coming and posting about it!
I Heart Beauty Banter.

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