Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Victoria's Secret At Home

First bras, then lotions, then glosses, now home luxuries -- do they ever stop?! Victoria's Secret has recently launched their at home collection - 3 limited edition scents in 6 products.

The packaging is more sleek and sophisticated than previous Victoria's Secret products (which was a big issue of mine - the lotions looked so cheap!). Semi-frosted glass bottles with matted silver tops... outer packaging is more upscale with white boxes and ribbon. These are products that I'd actually showcase throughout my house. They're going for that Molton Brown and Jo Malone demographic - not bad company to keep.

The products are:
Room Sprays - $12.00
Candles - $28.00
Hand Soap and Lotion (my favorite duo that has already taken permanent residence next to my sink) - Soap, $15.00/ Lotion, $18.00
Triple-Milled Soap Trio (great housewarming gift) - $28.00
Reed Diffuser (another great housewarming gift) - $28.00

The scents are:
Mandarin Woods - Mandarin mixed with alpine greens (smells a bit masculine)
Vanilla Orchid - A blend of vanilla, orchid and musk (very sweet)
Cashmere Fig - Fig and woods (a bit spicy)

While I'm totally digging the aesthetic of the new home collection, I must admit that the scents are still a tad too fragrant for my taste - especially the room sprays - (and by fragrant I mean overindulgent - dare I say, nose-twitch inducing...). But if you like overly-fragrant, perfumey products, than you will no doubt love these!

Props to the VS corp for creating a very decent, more mature collection!


Caitlin said...

The vanilla candle is delicious....not too perfumey once you light it. mmmmm....good!

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