Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chanel Channels Midnight Purple

If winter was all about the black nail, than spring is all about the purple. And the front runner for the trend: Chanel's Vendetta. Think dark violet with a dash of shimmery blue and pink specks. Actually, think goth purple with a hint of rock & roll.

Vendetta is one of two Spring polishes released by Chanel. The other one is Django, a light peachy hue that's sweet and understated. Think The Breakers in Palm Beach.

Django is Vendettas polar opposite. Put it this way: If Vendetta were a celebrity, it would be Kate Moss. Django, on the other hand, would be Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Vendetta is edgy and sassy while still being posh and sophisticated. It's like walking into a Black Sabbath concert wearing a couture gown. I LOVE it! And apparently, so does everyone else. It's selling out fast, so hurry up and coat your claws with the limited-edition polish before Miley Cyrus and every other tween celeb is sporting the hue.

PRICE TAG: $23.00


Anonymous said...

Try OPI in Russian Navy-same color but cheaper ;)

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