Friday, January 16, 2009

Johnson & Johnson Gets A Makeover!

No more tears isn't just for babies anymore! The relaunched adult body line features 6 washes and 6 lotions for WOMEN with brand new fragrances and packaging.

The products include body wash, body lotion, shaving cream and exfoliator in scents like green tea and shea and cocoa butter.

I love baby products for adults. The scents are always so innocent and sweet and the products are great for sensitive skin. I've long been obsessed with the J&J no more tears shampoo. It's gentle enough for everyday washing and it doesn't strip the hair (or make your eyes burn!). And it's super inexpensive (we heart a good bargain!).

I wouldn't necessarily say that the packaging is more mature, but it's definitely pretty enough to take up residence on my bathroom counter!

PRICE TAG: $5.99


diana said...

I used the baby shampoo a couple of times on my hair and I've always liked it. It's about time they made "no tears" shampoo for adults. I'm excited about it and can't wait to try the different scents.

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