Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Hits and Misses

The 66th Annual Golden Globes was full of losers... and a few lucky winners (mainly Slumdog Millionaire - genius film!). But who cares what happened in the swanky Beverly Hilton ballroom, it's all about who gave best face on the red carpet!

Here are the beauty hits and misses of GG 2009:

Angelina Jolie - She's like a walking pandoras box... oozing sex from every orifice. The only thing hotter than Angelina is Brad Pitt. Everything is classy, simple and fresh... not too much makeup, not some crazy hair do, no orange spray tan. Angie can do no wrong.

Anne Hathaway - She looks classy, I'll give her that (that's the polite way of saying old fashioned). But I like the Annie post-Raffaello... sexy bod, smokey eyes, tousled hair. This is all a little too safe, and while safety is always of utmost importance, sometimes in life you've gotta take chances.

Cameron Diaz - Channeling her inner Charlie's Angel (and yes, she was in the remake), Cammie looks smoking! Sexy, loose curls (note to Anne Hathaway), hot pink lips which match her dress (risky, but in this case it works!), gorgeous glowing skin (albeit a tad on the orange side but she's a beach girl, maybe it's real?), Loves it! take that, J.T.

Drew Barrymore - OMFG... what on earth was she thinking?! And more importantly, what were her hair and makeup team thinking? It literally look like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket... that hair is so frizzy. And poofy. And full of dark roots. All together tragic. And the eye makeup - blue shadow to match her blue dress? It's just every shade of wrong! This is a beauty disaster (and Drew is usually so cute and pretty!).

Eva Mendes - Such a sexy Latina! LOVE the necklace. LOVE the tanned skin. LOVE the classic smokey eye, nude lip. LOVE the brows (having a bit of brow envy). LOVE the side swiped bangs. LOVING it all!

Jennifer Lopez - Hmmm... This is more J.Lo than Jennifer. I feel like I just entered a time capsule and was catapulted back to J.Lo circa Puff Daddy and the infamous Versace dress. The hair is pulled so tight, I'm actually getting a headache just looking at her! And while the makeup is alright, she missed glam by like 5 notches (and I'm pretty sure she was going for glam).

Maggie Gyllenhaal - The lipstick is the wrong shade of cranberry, the hair ages her, and the bright pink cheeks look like someone took a giant crayon and drew out of the lines. I wouldn't normally comment on the dress, but in this case I just can't resist. Is she attending a 90's prom? And is that a shoulder pad or a giant bow? This is all so Romy and Michele's Highschool Reunion.

Renee Zellweger - What. Was. She. Thinking??? Poor Renee always beauty busts. That hair looks like a chia pet growing out of her head - it has a life of its own! There's something very Sharon Stone circa Basic Instinct to this whole look, but ReRe sadly can't pull it off. Shame.

Tina Fey - I'm not mad at this... Plummeting neck line shows off the chest, simple updo, clean makeup. I actually think that Tina looks fab (and, thankfully, very un-Sarah Palin).

Mickey Rourke - Okay, I know this was his night to shine and I give him props for the comeback. Now maybe someone should tell him that there is such a thing as too much collagen... those cheeks, those lips -- he looks so plastic! And P.S. sunglasses at night only works on rappers!

Who do YOU think gave best face???


Cali said...

I have to disagree about Drew. I think she looks so sexy. I love the big hair but I agree the roots should have been touched up.

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