Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tarte Bottoms Up PLUS Free Lash Curler

For all of you mascara-obsessed ladies, tarte has a semi-new product: the Bottoms Up Mascara, specifically designed for your lower lashes. We felt like shelling out 16 bucks for a mascara simply for your bottom lashes may be asking a bit much during this recession, but now there is an incentive to spend! Read to the bottom of the post to find out why!

Although Bottoms Up sounds like the biggest marketing gimmick in makeup history, we actually really heart this product! It's flake-free (YAY) and separates and coats every single mini lash with the perfect amount of mascara! You can now channel your inner Twiggie with grace and ease.... don't your lower lashes deserve the same TLC as the upper ones? We don't discriminate.

PRICE TAG: $16.00

TODAY, if you purchase a mascara from www.tartecosmetics.com, you'll receive a FREE eye lash curler (we're a huge fan of lights, cameras, lashes!).

Enter code: CURLER at check out for free lash curler. Available through www.tartecosmetics.com. Ends tonight!

What do YOU think? tarte's Bottoms Up is genius or gimmicky?


Linda said...

This might be something I would purchase on payday, when I seem to shell out the most for items I don't need. But any other time, I don't wear mascara on my bottom lashes enough to buy this.

jenga said...

I have to say...I have never had an issue with applying mascara on the lower lashes. I think this is a gimmick. Besides, who doesn't already own an e/l curler??

crinthia said...

I would try this! And I would think heavily about buying this! But I just spent $100 on makeup so that is my limit!

Cris said...

For me personally, regular mascara works fine on bottom lashes. Maybe it'd be a must-have item for someone who often wears mascara on her bottom lashes, but can't seem to get regular mascara to work there...
But that wouldn't be many of us would it?

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