Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Quick Tips For Applying Mascara

Mascara is a female rite of passage. If I was stranded on a deserted island, I'd want a tube of mascara and my trusty aquaphor. I could live happily with these 2 products.

With this in mind, I thought I'd share my top 10 favorite tips on applying mascara...

1. All mascara is NOT created equal. Try and test formulas before settling on one that is right for YOU. The must-have mascara may be a volumizing one, but your lashes may need a thickening formula. Don't be afraid to step away from the trend. Mascara is an individual preference.

2. It's all in the brush - Once you've chosen your favorite formula, you should find a brush that you love just as much... and if that brush doesn't belong to said mascara formula, don't fear. Use it anyway. There isn't a law that says you can only use the brush that belongs to the mascara it came with. **I like me a great, big 'ol plastic-bristled brush. It really gets into the lash line.**

3. Apply mascara to the bottom lashes FIRST, then the top after. This way you won't smudge top lash mascara on the lids and brow bone when trying to reach those pesky little bottom hairs.

4. For a more natural look, blondie's should try a dark brown mascara as opposed to black. It will still darken and lengthen but won't be as pigmented and startling as black. Brunettes can use too. I like it for a chill day when I'm cherishing my no-makeup look but still want a slight pop to my eyes. Try MAC's Pro Lash in Charcoal Brown. It's a good thickening formula.

5. Start from the outer corners of eyes and apply mascara inwards. I coat both the bottom and top of my lash hairs (this doesn't mean both the bottom and top lash lines, ladies.).

6. An easy way to naturally separate is to lightly blink as you are applying mascara. It gives a slight restriction to your lashes, like a vibrating mascara wand.

7. Tweezerman's lash comb is ESSENTIAL. It separates the most stubborn lashes instantly. Buy it, use it, cherish it. Clumpy lashes are only cute on Twiggy.

8. Not everyone should use mascara on the bottom lashes. And not every look requires it. For a more whimsical eye, just apply mascara to top lashes and let bottom lashes go au-naturel. Mascara on your bottom lashes can sometimes overplay and overdramatize the eye (actually making the eye appear more closed off and smaller).

9. Mascara works best if applied last, after the rest of the eye makeup is in place. This way, falling shadow will not land on your wet lashes and coat them with a thin layer of something other than mascara!

10. Gently wipe the mascara wand on a tissue or the top of the mascara bottle to remove excess formula and save your lashes from unecessary clumping.

BONUS: When removing mascara, be gentle! Your lashes are sensitive creatures. Don't rub or pull or attack. Try Vaseline for a natural, easy mascara remover. It will also nourish the eye area and it makes removal incredibly quick and easy.

Have a mascara application trick? Let us know below!


sam said...

I always curl my lashes first, I also always use a black soft pencil on the my upper waterline, this makes your lashes look longer, because the black line looks like an extension of your lashes...

Also, if you want more curl you should use a waterproof mascara, waterproof formulas dry faster so it will hold the curl. :-)

Kelsey said...

These are great tips. I'm not very smart when applying mascara, apparently. lol. I'll definitely remember these, though!

kaycee said...

Instead of curling with the eyelash curler I have the best tip ever!!! My friends in high school and even now steal it from me cause its so amazing. Eye lash curlers get clumpy and dirty and sometimes pull out lashes... So... Put on your mascara as you would and take your hair dryer (make sure it's on cold and highest level), look down and put the hair dryer up close to your lashes.. And walaaaaa.. They are soooooo curly and fabulous and last all night long!!!!

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