Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drugstore Find: The Fragrance Collection by Glade

I LOVE discovering a good drugstore deal. A simple thing like the perfect gloss or a beautiful smelling candle - at a nominal fee - is enough to make me skip around the block singing "Zippity do da, zippity day.... my oh my what a wonderful day!" - My friend Kaycee is making fun of me for this imagery...

My latest find is nothing short of brilliant: The Fragrance Collection by Glade. Before you reread, yes, I'm speaking of that Glade - household dooty spray, Glade, but I promise you, this ain't your usual synthetic Glade stench.

What it is: "A new, irresistible and chic home-fragrance offering of reed diffusers, soy candles, and multi-wick soy based candles."


  • currants & açai - tart red currants, tangy açai berries and red fruit accents
  • sheer white cotton - floral, fruity and woody notes, including freesia and lime
  • lotus bamboo - lotus notes with a touch of citrus on a bamboo
  • base mcintosh apple (92.4 % natural) - the crisp scent of fresh picked apples, sweet and juicy yet
  • slightly tart (93% natural) - earthly awakening nature-inspired fragrances for a mossy, mellow and soothing scent
  • orange vanilla (94.2 % natural) - a favorite treat of fresh oranges blended in a rich, creamy vanilla
The Look: Sleek design, glass tumblers, diffuser has wooden top.

Beauty Banter Favorites:
  • The apple soy candle smells like a crisp, Washington State red apple. It's literally mouth-water inducing. No matter where I light it in my apartment, the smell emanates throughout the entire space blasting me into some far away orchird. To. Die. $9.99
  • The slightly tart diffuser is genius. It's little, pretty and unobtrusive. I have it on my bookshelf next to my front door and the moment I walk into my apartment, I am met by this beautiful, rich creamy floral aroma (it reminds me of The Body Shop's White Musk fragrance). AND it doesn't have that synthetic after-smell. It's actually quite decadent. $9.49
**Be cautious of the sheer white cotton scent - it literally smells like clean laundry. Not my thing... unless, of course, I've just finished a load (of laundry!).**

Where to buy: Your local drugstore or by clicking here.

I find that I've been spending an abundance of time indoors (partially due to the brutal weather, partially due to the depressing recession), so it's nice to have a living space that smells delish. These days, life is all about the simple things.


Anonymous said...


I gave the apple one a try and fell in love. The great thing is that the smell is light and not too strong.

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