Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lash Stiletto Review: Round 2

Kate, winner of the Maybelline Lash Stiletto contest, shares her review of said mascara with our readers:

"The mascara arrived very promptly, and I immediately pounced on it. I just knew I would love it, so I couldn't wait to try it, and rushed off to the bathroom to apply. Oooooh, long, spiky, stiletto-like lashes appeared before me in the mirror. It really gives a Kim Kardashian look to the eyes. I was in love.

Unfortunately, our love was not destined to last... Half an hour later, my friend was pulling me aside to wipe little flakes of mascara off of my cheek. But one little mistake can't ruin a great love affair, so I kept trying. For the last week and a half, I've been looking distinctly raccoon-y, as I stubbornly keep applying LS every morning. Oh Lash Stiletto, I wanted to love you so, but you are so flaky! A woman needs a mascara she can count on to stay with her for a good long time, not one that flakes at the first chance it gets.

Overall, I had to call a halt to our whirlwind romance, and make LS a booty call only. I will only be reaching for it on those nights when nothing else will do, and I just have to have gorgeous long spiky lashes. I'll just make sure I'm rocking a smoky eye with it, so the flakes have some camouflage.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this mascara out. I really enjoyed testing it, and felt like a scientist -- I have somewhere to report my findings!"

Click here for Beauty Banter's review.

What do you think about Maybelline's latest attempt at mascara glory?

Have YOU tried lash Stiletto?


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