Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shu Uemura Pink Collection

You know it's Spring when pink becomes a focal color for the face...

This month, Shu Uemura launches their Rouge Unlimited Pink Collection, a series of 9 lipsticks and 5 glosses made with a Pink Hybrid Pigment, one of the purest pink pigments ever discovered and and patented by the cult Japanese beauty company.

A word (or several...) from the company:

"The Pink Hybrid Pigment, which was discovered by Shu Uemura laboratories, is made up of a fusion between a mineral core and an organic shell, which produces particles that are perfectly round and regular in shape. This consistency is what makes the hues of the lipstick so bright and pure. This is what creates the new and unique hues of pink seen in the collection with shades that range from never before seen light, yellowish, dark and bluish pinks."

Here are the colors in the different spectrums (click image to enlarge):

PRICE TAG: Lipstick - $23.00 / Gloss - $22.00

Do you have a Shu pink you're dying to try?


Hot Money Mess said...

I want to try all of those! I love pink. When I watch Lost, and Kate and Claire are running around with this natural sunny pink flush on their cheeks and lips, I always wonder what it is. Unfortunately for me, the sites mentioning their makeup always say it's just natural. (yeah right!)

Anyhow, the only thing with the Shu Uemura...I never know whether I want warm or cool. I have somewhat ashy blonde hair and blue eyes (cool) but then I have a slight yellow to my pale skin (weird huh?). At prescriptives they called my skin neutral but when I choose foundations that match exactly, they always have warm names. Go figure.

Beauty Banter said...

Hot Money Mess:

For the lips, try a color that YOU like, regardless of warm or cool. Stick to something that is natural, though, to keep that "Lost" flushed look going strong.

Beauty Banter

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