Thursday, April 02, 2009


It has been AWHILE. Back, by popular demand, is our weekly must-have!

This week, an incredible new invention from those genius' over at L'Oreal. The Paris Clean Artiste Makeup Corrector Pen is a necessary product for anyone - and everyone - who likes to play with makeup!

It's a portable pen with a slant-tip applicator that easily touches up makeup mistakes like lipstick stains or eye color smudges. It corrects the mistake without removing all of the makeup.

The corrector pen's slant-tipped applicator won't tug or pull on skin and the formula aids to remove mishaps quickly and effectively. It provides the correct amount of remover every time, unlike when you try to do it yourself with a soaked q-tip and water (and when out on the town, who really carries makeup remover in their Valentino clutch?)!

Now, it's convenient and easy to remove that excess black MAC Raven liner that's gooed up in the corner of your eyes as you spend the evening bar hopping!

PRICE TAG: $10.95


Linda said...

I have one by Revlon and love it! Now I can't wait to try this one. =)

Eunice K. said...

oh wow, this is a lot like that revlon one...can't really remember the name of it but it seemed too good to be true :P but seeing as you gave your personal recommendation~~i just might try this out =)

Cris said...

Brilliant idea of course :D, but is there a similar product that's not tested on animals?
(I'm trying to be more considerate when shopping for make-up...But giving up Lancome is hard :(.)

E-mail: ^_^.

Amy Rosen said...

Mac, mac, mac!!! I am determined to win!

Sheena said...

That sounds perfect for me! :) I love MAC's Feline kohl power, it's the most intense black ever...but it smudges like no other, and I often find it streaked in the inner corner of my eye. This would make it so much easier to fix that :) Thanks for the review!


Kelly said...

I have one of these from Neutrogena but it leaves a lot of residue (kinda greasy) behind after you have used it. I wonder it this one does the same or if it dries without leaving any residue? Will have to check it out.

Teresa said...

WOW! How do I not own something like this already? This is amazing! A true must have! Thank you for the heads up! You rock!

Amanda said...

ohh this would be great for my liquid eyeliner since im so bad at applying it X__X! lol

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