Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're Asking You!

How do you prefer your blush?


Linda said...

I love my powder blush! I don't like stains, and creams sometimes don't work for me.

Hot Money Mess said...

i chose powder...bc i have oily combo skin, but really i do a stain (benefit posy usually) or a cream (sort of cream? stila cc) before i use muf hd micro powder and then a light dusting of nars powder blush to finish it up before spraying evian all over to set.

wow. no wonder it takes me too long to get ready in the morning. that's just cheeks! not including bronzer!


Anonymous said...

I love stain like Tarte cheek stains are the best, but lately I've really like Nars "Orgasm" all the celebs claim it's a must-have and I'm gonna have to agree!

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