Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beauty. com 20% Off turns 10 years old! - Really? They started the site in 1999? What trendsetters (and smart ones).

Here's a gift from them to you... 20% off all purchases from now until Friday. Stock up!

Click here to shop!


Kristina said...

Thank you Beauty Banter for sharing this! :)

Anonymous said...

How is this "a gift from them to you" when we can't even use it. To get the discount, you must click on a link included at the bottom of the e-mail that sent to you, otherwise you don't get the discount. This is a gift only to those who have received the e-mail.

Beauty Banter said...

Dear Anonymous,

sweetie, all you have to do is click where I wrote "click here" and you can shop. This image was just used to publicize the discount, that is why I provided a link as well.

Beauty Banter

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