Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rene Futerer: Summer Hair Trends

Channeling the opera and the ballet, Phillippe Tapprest, Creative Director for René Furterer, shares his inspiration for the Summer 2009 trends.

  • Ballerinas and opera singers immortalized by Verdi, Puccini, Bizet and Tchaikovsky take center stage. These exceptional women exemplify dramatic looks that take us into the magical world of theater and make believe. TRENDS:
Act I, The Pompadour:
Inspired by the 18th century, this look is frivolous and seductive, embodying the
spirit of the French king’s court. The texturized style achieves volume and
definition around a mid-length square with crimps and curls. After using a curling
iron, hair is sprayed with clay-based René Furterer Naturia dry shampoo to
accentuate volume, followed by René Furterer finishing spray instant hold to set
the hair with a long-lasting finish. Exuberant and provocative in nature, this look
is sure to raise a few opera glasses.

Act II, Swan Lake:
The elegance and grace of ballerinas chasséing across stage inspired
this soft, docile look. The short hairstyle with long bangs at the front uses semi
curled strands to give an asymmetrical look while framing the face. A curling iron
is used on dry hair from roots to mid-lengths, leaving the ends untouched to
modernize the look. René Furterer modeling paste gives a natural touch to finish
off the style. This cropped ‘do will capture the spotlight on any stage.

Act III, The Traviata:
Ribbon-like locks created by the combination of classic and Indian
braids give an innovative twist to a traditional style. The loose braid around the
crown creates a halo effect, while adding volume. René Furterer styling wax is
used to smooth strands into place and adds a touch of radiance. The resplendent
and whimsical style is worthy of a standing ovation.

Although I appreciate the creativity, I'm not quite sure I could rock these looks in the real world. I'm going to bring you a more wearable ballet approach next week! But pretty, pretty 'do's.. inspiring hair!

Would you wear any of these looks?


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