Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lancome Summer 2009

Obsessed. With. The. Eye. Quads.

Summer just got a whole lot shinier - and golden - thanks to Lancome's summer collection, Tropiques Muse.

I've been playing around with the insanely gorgeous and wearable quads - in hues like deep greens, shimmering golds and burnt browns - and, I've gotta say, now I get why all of the lucky Lancome girls always kill it on the red carpet - Yes, I'm talking to you Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway! These colors are incredible - the quads are perfect for creating a gilded smokey eye. LOVE!

Here's the rest of the collection:

Tropiques Mineral $35.00

Juicy Tubes Pure $18.00
Same glossy lippy, now in a natural formula. YAY.

Color Design Palettes (quads) $43.00

Color Fever Shine Lipstick $25.00

Le Lipstique Sheer (lip pencil) $23.00

Blush Subtil $29.50

Le Crayon Kohl Kajal (eye pencil) $23.50

Le Vernis (nail lacquer) $18.00

Do yourself a favor and buy one of these quads for spring. It will be your go-to shadow palette, promise!


Anonymous said...

I really don't know how I feel about Lancome. Definitely not one of my favorites; however, I'm liking the new eyeshadow palettes! Thanks for sharing!

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