Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Scent: Un Lys by Serge Lutens

Along with the sun, spring has also given birth to light, tropical and airy aromas. Gone are the days of burned vanilla and rich musk - although, like any winter favorite, they'll be back come Fall.

My new scent for Spring is something magical: Un Lys by Serge Lutens. Doesn't it just sound so regal? Well, it smells quite regal as well. Released in 1997, Un Lys is one of the lighter, softer, prettier scents manufactured by the Parisian parfumerie. It's a rather fresh blend of tropic and floral. Reviews site the scent as lillies with a hint of lilac, vanilla and musk (that must be why I heart it so!) - however the latter scents are hardly pronounced. I can't stand those "perfumey" fragrances - like the ones they spritz you with while meandering in the department stores (I'm talking to you Chanel - sneeze, sneeze!) - they always make my skin itch. Not Un Lys. It's definitely more full than a simple oil - and it does spray - but it's just the right amount of scent without becoming overbearing and obnoxious.
Un Lys in 3 words: sensuality, sunshine and happiness. The compliments don't hurt, either.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've just discovered Un Lys (although I've known about Serge Lutens for quite some time - he's kinda infamous!), but I will not soon forget it. At least not this spring...

PRICE TAG: 1.69 oz for $110.00


Katie said...

This sounds really pretty!

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