Monday, June 01, 2009

How To: Messy Ballerina Bun

Hair maven, Jen Atkin of the Andy Lecompte Salon, along with my favorite DP, Noah Rosenthal, and myself, bring you this step-by-step tutorial for one of this season's hottest trends: the messy ballerina bun.

Inspiration: Erin Wasson at The Costume Institute Gala, Model as Muse - Pretty In Pink meets Rocker-chic.

The Tools

Step 1: Blow dry hair upside down. Use a diffuser to give texture to flat hair.

Step 2: Wrap 1" sections around 1" curling iron to add bend
*TIP* leave ends out for a more messy effect

Step 3: Spritz a bit of texture spray or hair spray onto the loosely curled hair. Beach water from the ocean actually works best. It gives hair that messy texture.
Product Pick: Joico Texture Spray

Step 4: Rake fingers through hair - don't use a brush as you want to keep the style messy - and secure in a high ponytail.
*TIP* place the pony off center; just above one of your eyes for an asymmetrical effect

Step 5: Tease the ponytail to give volume

Step 6: Leave one inch section out on bottom. Twist remaining hair into a tight bun, clock wise.

Step 7: Secure lopsided bun with large bobby pins - make sure to have the ends messy for a grunge effect. Don't want to be too "pretty, perfect ballerina."

Step 8: Either wrap extra hair around once and pin it or leave it out for a funky tail.

And that's it!

*photography by Noah Rosenthal


Anonymous said...

Ok your hair color is amazing! Perfectly naturaly I cannot see one bleach placed highlight. I live in Newport Beach, but I was wondering who you go to in L.A to take care of your locks?

Mikaela said...

This is EXACTLY the type of hair post I've been looking for! So beautiful & perfect for summer when I get way too hot to wear my hair down.

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