Friday, September 11, 2009

Jurlique for Fashion Week

With fashion week frenzy looming, it's nice to know there is some solace to be found. Jurlique will be on hand at a couple of fashion shows to bring peace and harmony into the rowdy backstage environment. We could all use a little R&R.

The all-natural, biodynamic brand will be relaxing and soothing the gorgeous girlies of fashion week 2010 with a remarkably scentual approach. A Jurlique aesthetician will be behind the scenes relaxing models with soothing hand massages using the brand’s infamous Lavender hand lotion at the VPL show (a.k.a. “Visible Panty Lines” designed by acclaimed fashion stylist Victoria Barlett, available at Blue & Cream. It was a top ten finalist for the CFDA Fashion Fund award in 2007) on Saturday. Another reason to model in my next life.

Using a diffuser, Jurlique’s Harmony essence (a serene blend of Lavender Oil, Clary Sage Oil and Geranium Leaf Oil) will waft through the air creating a blissful oasis backstage.

Jurlique will also be at the Karen Walker show (I LOVE drunky-face Karen Walker of Will and Grace - different Karen, I know) diffusing their Calming essence (a soothing blend of Geranium Leaf Oil, Rosewood Oil, and Lavender) backstage.

And then there's Phillip Lim (I'm blushing.... love him!). Jurlique will provide 150 Lavender Mists to Phillip's womenswear show (It’s Phillip’s favorite product!) and for 75 Citrus Mists for front row guests of his menswear debut.

Jurlique is SO in fashion...

You can purchase the essential oils at and give your room it's own peace-of-mind makeover. You can find a diffuser by clicking here. Just add in your favorite Jurlique oil and you're good to go.


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