Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Know Your Nose

How well do you know your nose? Or your boyfriend's nose for that matter?

Well, ladies and gents, today is your lucky day. Thanks to Rochelle Bloom, President of The Fragrance Foundation, we come prepaired with a complete guide on how to pick a fragrance that's right for you, him and even your best friend.

Let's start with the basics: "Perfumes are like musical compositions. The overture is the ‘top” note or the first impression when you try the scent on or open the bottle. The impact is immediate and sets up the next chorus of the fragrance which is the “middle note”. This is the very heart of the fragrance that
stays with you longest before the final “base note” comes into play signaling the moment when the
fragrance has truly developed to its fullest, lingering on the skin for many pleasurable hours.

According to The Fragrance Foundation, fragrances are grouped into “families”. Florals, Orientals, Chypre (pronounced Sheep-ra), Woody, Fruity, Floriental, Citrus and Green are the most well-known. “It’s the magic and alchemy of the perfumer’s art to blend and mix the hundreds and
thousands of ingredients that can make up an infinite variety of “scentsational” scents. Just like a
composer does with music”, explains Rochelle.

Here are some ideas for the perfect type of fragrance for him and her:

If she's...

Sporty - Look for a fragrance that is light and sparkly. Citrus and green. The crystal-clean fresh
tang of such fascinating ingredients as lemon, orange and lime. The zest and energy of
freshly cut grass and dewy-green leaves.

Classic - Think Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. Often single florals like rose or gardenia,
sometimes balanced by a variety of contrasting, sophisticated notes from the perfumer’s

Fashionista - A cutting edge Italian designer. A little black number from Paris or a style maven from
the US? The fashion designer today uses individualist notes that range from
sophisticated and mysterious to spicy and oriental. Get their style through a signature

Romantic - Chypre and Floral Orientals work their magic. Often an uninhibited blend of exotic
flowers, herbs and spices.

If he's...

Athletic - Citrus. Fresh and Brisk. Clean and simple.

Earthy - Fougere forest notes from oak moss, resin and geranium oil.

Dynamic - smoky, pungent,masculine leather notes.

Now it's just a matter of choosing the right one. Good luck.


ladylovertine said...

Sarah this was my all time BB post! It was both beautifully written,easy to understand,and well researched. I learned much too. One of my BFF's is a perfumer on the rise within the bottle circuit. L'artisan is my all time fave!!!

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