Monday, February 08, 2010

Bathing Beauty: Jen Brill

Jen Brill has been my friend ever since we were both uptown girls working at midtown PR firms. We (briefly) spent time in LA together, but Jen returned to NYC within months while I stayed for a few extra years. Alas, we are back together once again in the same city.

Jen has ALWAYS been beautiful. Even way back in the day when we'd meet for coffee and a smoke (yuck, I know!) on 35th street and Jen would strut up with her long raven locks, olive complexion (thanks to her Australian and Asian background) and perfectly proportioned pout. Change out her Jimmy Choo stilettos for Proenza Schouler booties, publicist for artist's agent and everything else has pretty much remained the same. Long raven mane: check. Gorgeous olive complexion: check. Perfectly proportioned pout: check, although now you'll be hard pressed not to find it painted her favorite shade of red.

Here, the downtown girl of the hour and Chanel Beauty Ambassadress, answers our 7 favorite beauty questions -- and demands that I add a question about hair care!

What are your top 5, can't-live-without products?
1 -chanel Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Gabrielle - its the perfect shade of red. I carry one in all of my bags.
2 - exceptionne de chanel mascara - it has has the best brush ever.
3 -jurlique rose water balancing mist - I use it after I've put my blush on so I don't look too powdery or matte.
4 -amore pacific treatment enzyme peel - my girlfriend, Jeanine Lobell, put me onto this one... It's an exfolliant that leaves your skin completely smooth. I use it a couple of times per week.
5 -chanel dragon nail colour - i wear it year round on fingers and toes and it doesn't chip.

What is your all-time favorite product?
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It leaves my skin perfectly dewy and even.

What is your favorite hair product?
I love Rene Furterer, JF Lazertigue and Leonor Greyl shampoos and conditioners. Lately, I'm obsessed with Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Leave In Conditioner. It makes brushing my hair so much easier.

What product do you buy in bulk?
Trillium organics body polish. I use it every other day- nothing makes your skin softer.

You moisturize your face with...
Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Creme when my skin is dry or Skinceuticals Emollience for everyday.

Favorite body product?
Biotherm body milk but its not sold in the US anymore so I'll pick it up in duty free. I've also been using Alaffia body lotion. It has arnica and neem in it and smells incredible.

Favorite beauty secret you've picked up along the way?
Facials at christine chin! Ingrid and Christine are the best in show business. Their motto is "no pain, no gain".

Beauty icon you admire?
Ill always love the woman in David Lynch films: Laura Dern, Isabella Rossellini, etc but lately I've been obsessed with Faye Dunaway in "puzzle of a downfall child." She is so gorgeous and charming in that film.


YJ said...

I LOVE Jen Brill! Thanks for the post/interview! I've actually been looking for her lipstick, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Any tips?

ladylovertine said...

I've always thought she was an exotic beauty. Thank you so much for this. I never really knew what she did till recently and I think she is a fabulous role model for the career oriented woman/woman in general. We share a common friend via Terry. I look forward to her rising Chanel doings !!!

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

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