Friday, February 05, 2010

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE GREEN: tarte's smooth operator

If you opened up my makeup drawer you’d find that most everything there is free of the worst offenders, the petrochemicals, parabens, synthetics and sulfates. A few products are still not quite eco-fabulous, but it’s only because try as I might I have yet to find something to take their place. One such product is tinted moisturizer. I tried a number of green alternatives but none could rival a particular brand I had been a longtime fan of.

Tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite beauty products. Lighter than foundation which I find too heavy, especially with freckles, it gives my skin a dewy finish as opposed to pressed powders that can cake. Tinted moisturizer gives me just enough color to balance and brighten skin tone, cover a blemish and all the while nourish skin. But nothing on the eco-front had really thrilled me. I wanted an oil-free, SPF formulation that was free of parabens (at the least) and also worked with my skin tone (I’m fair, very fair, but I actually do tan so I have yellow undertones). Leave it to tarte to create just what I was looking for.

smooth operator™ ($36) is oil-free with an SPF20, and without a single paraben, petro-chem, phthalate, sulfate or synthetic to be found. On store shelves this month, smooth operator™ now comes in nine shades (NINE!) and Agent 04 for “light complexions with beige undertones” is perfect for my winter skin. I’m recycling those other not-so-green tubes and replacing them with this immediately. Great for day, I also prefer using a tinted cream to foundation at night.

TIP: I put on primer first and find I get flawless coverage that doesn’t look makeup-y (if you prefer full coverage, check out smooth operator™ foundation).

The tinted cream is formulated with the tarte signature skinvigorating™ blend that includes rosemary, natural fruit antioxidants, ginseng root, gingko Biloba, vits A, C and E and natural minerals to soothe, soften and fight free radicals. You can find smooth operator™ online at, or visit your local Sephora to test the shades in person.

Are there products you're having trouble finding eco-alternatives for? Leave us a note in the comments! xo alex.


Anonymous said...

I would love to find a bronzer that is natural--especially one without talc or bismuth oxychloride--and that gives a great golden (not orange or red) glow for darker skintones.


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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