Friday, February 26, 2010

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Anastasia's Lash Lifting Mascara

Anastasia may be known for her brow shaping skills (just ask Oprah), but watch out beauty industry because she is making lashes her new signature. Anastasia's Lash Lifting Mascara is a delicious treat for fine, thin, lifeless lashes. Kim Kardashian's even a fan, gushing on her blog, "I swear, I literally need one coat (of the Lash Lifting Mascara) and my eyelashes have so much volume and curl. Usually I feel like I have to keep applying coats to build up volume, but this mascara is perfect!!!"

While I'm a fan of practically every Anastasia product (the highlighter in Camille and brow wax stick are must-have eyebrow grooming items), nothing comes close to a holy grail mascara. A good mascara is like discovering an Hermes cuff in the backseat of a taxi cab (true story, happened to a friend of mine). And I try tons of mascaras. But there's just something special about this one. That's why I'm all smiles today. One coat is all you need, no feathering, no clumping and no fuss. I'm addicted. My only grievance: the wand. While it may not be plastic, a personal favorite of mine, here's to wishful thinking that the next batch of Anastasia mascaras will have rubbered bristles.

Here are Anastasia's personal mascara tips:

*Curl lashes with a lash curler first
*Pull mascara upward and hold for a second, allowing waxes to hold lashes in place
*Use the slim end of brush to reach the corner of eyes

PRICE TAG: $22.00


twts said...

Cool! Gotta try then! Your thoughts on lancome oscillation mascara?

I like it but I have long lashes to begin with so I don't know if it really adds length, but I know it doesn't add thickness. However, it doesn't clump.

Curious on your thoughts.

AngieRivers said...

I am obsessed with this mascara too! I am so happy you posted a review so we can get the word out there! I feel like I have been trying to find “the one” for many years now…and have just been settling with most things…buying whatever’s on sale or just using what comes with free gift sets and giveaways. Gone are those days! Should have figured it would be Anastasia…she is just the genius of eye related beauty! ☺

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