Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Aveda Celebrates Earth Month

April 22, 2010 is Earth Day but as eco-consciousness rises the movement has spread from just one day to an entire month of green. Aveda has long been known for their ongoing commitment to the environment. In 1999 they launched Aveda’s Earth Month Campaign raising over $14.2 million to benefit environmental organizations. The Aveda Earth Month Campaign, calls for “strategic local and global action to protect local waterways, empower communities and help make clean water accessible to everyone—everywhere.”

One in seven people on this planet are without clean drinking water. ONE. IN. SEVEN. In an effort to raise $3.5 million this Earth Month, Aveda is spearheading the Walk for Water campaign and selling the LIGHT THE WAY™ Earth Month candle ($12). 100% of proceeds from these fabulous lavender candles goes to the Global Greengrants Fund.

I was thrilled when Aveda contacted me about this candle and the campaign...I love all things lavender and this candle is no exception. Long known as a stress reliever, this therapeutic blend of organic French lavender, lavendin and clary sage has been approved by Dr. Pierre Franchomme (he wrote the book on modern aromatherapy). The soy wax candle contains zero petro-chemicals and the glass holders are made of 100% reclaimed wine bottles. I love the ingenious eco-packaging: the cartons are made of leftover Aveda boxes that have been repurposed (my box housed an Aveda bath bar in a former life).

The limited edition candle is available in Aveda spas and online here. For more information on the Aveda Walk for Water campaign visit www.avedawalkforwater.com and find out about events taking place in your area during the week of April 22nd (with one mouse click I found a few here in L.A. to look into). Think global, act local. xo alex.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE that the proceeds are being donated to a charitable cause; what a wonderful way to show their support. I may need to pick up a few candles myself!! :)

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