Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mid-Day Poll

Speaking of hair -- and color -- I need YOUR help!
I'm desperately itching for a hue change. I was gold last year at this time and am currently a brunette.
Should I stay brown or switch it up back to gold?

last year

this year

And here is a picture of a woman on the street who had the exact hair color I think I want. She had it done in Brazil. It's that dark roots, light tips baliage look...

So, what'll it be? Vote below or leave a comment in the comment section. Merci!


YJ said...

I mean this as a compliment because I think she's GORGEOUS (although she needs a little help in the personality department), but you look a lot like Olivia Palermo! =) I definitely like the gold hair!

Nicki said...

The gold is sexier but the brown looks healthier. Maybe just add some highlights! Either way, you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I like the dark hair, its sultry with the highlights on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Go for the Gold! Much more striking on you.

Kris said...

I think you would look good with a color in between those. The brown doesn't really do anything for you and the blonde kind of washes you out so you need something in between. Maybe a mixture kind of like Gisele Bundchen's hair. Blonde and brown. I would say all over though, not just at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

GOLD GOLD GOLD!!! It is gorgeous . You are beautiful in both colors (must say I disagree w/ "kris"). Not many people can get away with the gold color but you it makes you GLOW..
And please tell me what lipstick you are wearing in the "gold" pic.. I am OBSESSED with it!

sisters in black frocks said...

looks good both ways. this is kind of weird, but i believe we went to high school together. i came across your blog, we never spoke back then, but i remember your face! also i was a year younger. anyways great blog. i love to hear reviews of products before i buy them =)

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