Friday, April 30, 2010

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Royal Apothic Oils

Perfume can be overpowering on the nasal region. Sometimes, I don't want that bouquet of roses or touch of sandalwood. Sometimes, I need something a little less obtrusive. That's why I prefer fragrant oils. I've obsessed over Miss Marisa, one of my all time favorite scents, I've cooed over Sharon Bolton Oils, and now it's time to divulge my newest scent secret: Royal Apothic The Extracts Collection.

Best known for their home fragrances, Extracts is a line of 7 single-note fragrant oils perfect alone or layered with each other to create an individualized scent. Each oil comes in a slim, portable bottle with a roll-on top, ideal for travel.

5 of the 7 scents are now available at

Green Tea: the essence of Camelia Sinensia leaves – slightly bitter yet aromatic (FRESH)
Violette Pastille: the distinctly sweet extract of the viola plant (FLORAL)
Fig: the scent of fresh-picked figs (FRUIT)
Orange Blossom: inspired by the scent of a California orange grove in bloom (FRUIT)
Marigold: the bright scent of golden flowers (FLORAL)

I'm loving Green Tea as it has a lingering sweet scent. Mix that with something floral like Marigold or Violette Pastille and create the perfect mix of fresh and floral, to cut the sweetness.

Anyway you choose, you can't go wrong. The art of perfume has never been so much fun.
PRICE TAG: $16.00


Lynsey James March said...

These oils look great, I will be definitely be ordering some!

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