Friday, July 23, 2010

ECO-CHIC: Z Palette

You know those people who are always emailing you some fabulous new store to check out or inspiring blog to read? That’s my friend Erin. She’s a makeup artist in film and TV, so when she’s raving about a new beauty find, I always listen. She recently told me that another makeup artist she knew created a product that was eco-friendly and she thought I’d like it. As usual, Erin did not disappoint.

There are a number of products on the market to help you organize your overflowing makeup drawers, but the Z Palette is the first that I’ve found that values both ecology and economy, too. It began when Emmy-award winning makeup artist Zena Shteysel wanted to find a way to condense and organize all the makeup she brought to sets. (Zena works in film and television, and her print work includes an ad campaign with photographer Annie Leibovitz.)

With the Z Palette she created a product to fit her own needs --- a universal case to house all of your makeup pans --- so your Cargo blush and your Laura Mercier powder can mingle with MAC shadow and tarte bronzer. It’s as easy as removing the individual metal pans (here are her tips) from their bulky packages and placing them in one of the magnetic palettes (she stocks magnetic tape for metals that don't adhere). The cases are made with 70% recyclable materials and a clear lid so you can easily see what’s inside. She also offers beauty blueprints here, so you know how much of a particular product will fit in a palette.

Following her instructions for prying pans from their containers, I filled the large pink palette ($20) I had, reducing a 1/3 of the bulk in my makeup drawers. I also sorted through make-up sets where I only used a few of the colors, putting all the leftover containers and cases into a bag to take to Origins for recycling. I was later given the smaller Z Palette ($14) and it’s perfect for travel or the products you use most.

Purchasing refill pans for the palettes, sold by companies from Bobbi Brown to Shu Umera to Almay, costs less and saves tons of packaging from ending up in landfills. It’s eco-smart and economical, too.
Zena told me she prefers to “coordinate the print of the Z Palette with certain colors, so if you have a few stacked you know exactly which one to pick out of the bunch. I love placing all my blushes in a large Fabulous Pink Z Palette, it just looks so pretty.” She also hopes that Beauty Banter readers will find the palettes “help save time and un-complicate their life when it comes to their beauty routine. I hope they will start using products they stopped using because they forgot what they had and I hope they play with their makeup more because you become an artist when you have all this color sitting in front of you that you can see!”

You can purchase Z Palettes online at (all orders over $25 ship free) or find a store near you, here. Also, check out their Facebook page for news on special events and new styles. Enjoy! xo a.


Lisa Capuchino said...

The Z Palette is awesome! I love that we as makeup artist can combine all our favorite shadow, blush or powder pans in one palette! Where is my "like" button! CBeauty..

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