Thursday, September 09, 2010

5 Minute Makeover

Every now and then I become obsessed with how quickly I can put on a face of makeup. I've gotten it down to a science, really. Not quite five minutes, but close enough, so I am calling this look the 5 minute makeover.

Here are the products that help to cut down on the makeup time:

A tinted moisturizer combines hydration with even coverage. I, of course, love Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer in Sand. It's life changing.

LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lipcolor in Sheer Berry is a God sent. It stays on ALL DAY LONG and gives the most beautiful sheer burst of color. I finish by applying the LipSense Moisturizing Gloss.

Jouer's Tint in Amaryllis is the best red I've found for the apples of my cheeks. To apply, I dust on the cream color with a blush brush for an airbrushed effect. Fast and effective.

For eyes, I am obsessed with the Senna Contouring palette. It contains light and dark colors to give eyes depth. Light highlights, dark shades in crease. Makes a smokey eye tres tres simple and quick!

Mascara finishes the look. I'm loving Make Up Forever Smoky Lash. Looks great on a sultry eye.

And there you have it. Just enough time to really freak out over outfit changes. 

What are some makeup tips you use to quickly apply your face?


Anonymous said...

What about eyeliner, concealer and brows? It looks like you have those on too? i'm trying to cut my time down as well! Thanks!

Beauty Banter said...

i have a MAC colored brow gel on. I use that to cut down on time -- no need for pencils or powders.


Beauty Banter

Bb Jeh said...

Wow! I always take like half an hour in my mornings...I actually had to start waking up early >.< I LOVE this post!!! Thank you for the tips! :) But I have a question- when you use a brush for the cheek tints it doesn't get sticky or make your brush clump together? I never tried it that way because I always fear I'd ruin what make up I'd already have on or I'd need to immediately wash my brush...

Alma Scroggins said...

Are you wearing the "Sheer Berry" lip gloss in that pic? it looks like a nude. Their lip gloss website doesnt really depict the colors unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Can you please share your hair color?

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