Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This past S/S 2011 Fashion Week saw it's fair share of red lips, but how about the nude pout? Shows like Phillip Lim, Tracey Reese and Chris Brenz let the mouth do the talking, not the lips. Colors were sparse and beige allowing the focal point to be the eye and cheek.

Here are some tips for creating a nude lip:

1 - A great way to create a very bare lip is to apply concealer onto your mouth and blot with a tissue. It's simple and effective and makes your lip blend in with the rest of your face. This is a workable option for when you are choosing to go with a very bold eye.

2 - For a nude lipstick to compliment a smokey eye, try something that has a slight pinky flesh tone to it. Belle de Jour by Nars is a perfect sheer nude.

3 - You can also achieve a nude lip simply by applying lip liner with Vaseline. This gives some shine and will make the lips appear fuller. Try a pencil like MAC's Oak, a soft beige-brown. Just remember to apply lightly. Line the outside of lips then fill in with the pencil.

Whether going for au natural or dark, brooding eyes, consider leaving your pout nude! Everyone's doing it.... 


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