Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TREND ALERT: Red for Fall

Red is all the rage for fall... and it's the red on your head that's got some traction. Sally Hershberger Downtown colorist Nikki Ferrara says that red is in trend ever since Christina Hendricks showed her lockes on Mad Men. "Red got some major publicity."

Why fall? "When you lose your tan, you need to bring a little more color throughout your complexion, says Nikki. "Red gives you that punch of color that you need." Women with more olive tones should stay away from red because red brings out the green in your skin. But if you're fair, go for it!

Here are Nikki's tips for turning red:

REDHEAD TIP #1: Stay near the same depth as your natural base color. If you're naturally a
medium blonde to light blonde you can go as deep as a vibrant copper or as light as a strawberry

REDHEAD TIP #2: If you’re a brunette, steer clear of cool blue or violet-based reds like
mahogany or anything that says ‘eggplant.’ If you are already pretty dark, they have a tendency
to wash out your complexion and it just doesn't look natural when it appears in the sunlight.

When you want to add more vibrancy, ask your colorist to add tone-on-tone
highlights. This will also help color keep its shine and prevent it from appearing dull. It keeps the
red more interesting.

REDHEAD TIP #4: Red hair requires a bit of maintenance, unfortunately glosses tend to wash
out pretty quickly. If you're in between appointments and need a bit of a boost, opt for a color
depositing conditioner. Choose a conditioner with more color concentration in it, and will
smooth the shaft the longer you leave it on. As for shampoos, always use one formulated for
color treated hair. This will help to keep the color from fading.


beautywoome said...

I dye my naturally dark blonde hair red and it takes serious maintenance! It fades quickly (so swimming is generally a no-no unless with a bathing cap), my roots (dark blonde) make me look like I have orangutan hair (you know that sexy mousy blonde-copper combo)and I have to be careful about using certain hair products!

One thing I can say, though, is generally don't do red out of a box. The lift component is always too high and makes your hair too light while the deposit component is not strong enough so you end up with a brassy color 99% of the time.

Either professional products at home or in salon all the way.

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