Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jessica Stam's One Night Stam Eyes

Supermodel Jessica Stam has a new way of wearing her eye makeup -- and she's sharing it exclusively with Beauty Banter! "One Night Stam Eyes are easy to wear and so sexy, you'll want to wear them all day long. The messier it looks, the better. It is meant to have the appearance of being put on yesterday, like a morning after eye."

Here's how to apply:

"Make sure the pencil is sharp.  I suggest the L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Black. It goes on smooth like a liquid but blends like a pencil. It's genius.

Start on the outside inner rim of eye and with eyes closed, run the pencil back and forth 3 times. Do it quickly so it gets a little messy.

Afterward, use a q-tip to smudge the eyeliner that has traveled to your eyelid and beneath your eye. Remember, the key is for this to look messy and smokey.

No need for mascara as the liner is dark and bold and takes the place of mascara. Personally, I think it's more rock n roll without mascara."

"I've been wearing this look for about 3 weeks and have gotten tons of compliments. It takes an easy 5 minutes to apply and stays put all day long. Be cautious of pairing this with too much other makeup as the eye is the focal point of this look (no need for a strong lip or cheek). Hope you try it and enjoy!"

Jess Stam


Alexia Inge said...

Love this, even though there is no hope of ever looking as amazing as Jessica, these are great tips. Thank you.

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