Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Flossing might quite possibly be the most unbeautiful beauty practice out there. But it's vital to maintaining healthy, strong teeth and a gorgeous smile.

Flossbox has created an amazing way to floss in fashion. It's a mirror and dental floss no larger than a credit card that fits in your tiniest of clutches with ease. The sexiest part is that you can customize the floss kit. Send in any logo or picture to and receive your very own, individualized flossing apparatus. How fun is that?! This makes a great gift -- especially for the tooth-conscious. OR a fabulous way to advertise your business, in lieu of business cards. That's my customized flossbox on the left. How chic is it?

And the mirror is amazing for reapplying makeup - perfect for on-the-go touch ups (who doesn't need a mirror throughout the day?!

You can also buy the standard mirror and floss kit at a multiple of stores including CVS or online at

No excuses! FLOSS!

PRICE TAG: $3.49 / customized: $4.99


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