Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SENNA FALL/ WINTER 2010: Virtual Vintage

Senna is a great little California-based makeup company hidden amongst those giant conglomerates. Founder and makeup artist Eugenia Weston, has created a dazzling display of colors and textures for her Fall/ Winter 2010 collection.

"My inspiration is a confluence of 1930's designer Adrian and the visionary 3D Avatar. Vintage femininity is powered by adrenaline. Soulful romance is tattooed with decadence. Mannequin skin is sculpted in warm, sanguine nude. Dark, graphic eyes are edged in the deepest green then gently blurred. Lips are passionate and teased with sparkling nude of inked in sumptuous grape."

"The past inspires the future. The future rewrites the past."

Deets on the collection, Virtual Vintage:

Blush – Sheer Matte – $18.50
Hue – sheer henna nude

Matte Eye Colors – $16.50
Blend – nude matte skin tone
After Hours – charcoal grape matte
Fixation – golden flecked green
Posh – deep cranberry sparkle

Lip Liner – $17.00
Dusty Rose – neutral browned rose

Lip Lacquer – $19.00
Lush – gold flecked berry

Lipstick – $18.00
Enlighten – sparkled overglow
Chantilly – blooming nude sparkle
Garnet – gold-flecked grape
Valentina – classic red cream

I'm loving the bold, richness to the pigments and the daring way they are using a dark eye and colorful lip. Tres chic!


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