Monday, January 31, 2011


My friend celebrated his 40th birthday this weekend with a fabulous fete fashioned in a roaring 20's theme. Guests went ALL OUT with incredible gowns, fishnet stockings, and head pieces galore. Theme parties can be SO fantastically fun!

What I found so interesting was the amount of red lipstick. Almost every mouth was painted with some hue of red. And the hair: either pencil straight (not quite 20's, but we went there) decorated with a head piece, or pin curled and tucked under. Eyes were mostly dark and subtly, a sign of the times, with lots of lashes and liner.

Here, a few pics from the evening:

The birthday boy and hostess of the evening


Zani and Ali - Zani is wearing a wig and false lashes, Ali has her hair tucked under, both have heads adorned with head pieces

Valerie and Sara - Val is wearing red lips, dark eyes and a head piece, Sara has pin curls and hair tucked under with dark, sultry eyes

Ali and Jen - Jen has the pencil straight hair and head piece

Alexi and Me - I look like I stepped out of the 80's and took a time machine back into the 20's. I did the pencil straight hair, head piece, red lips AND dark eyes!

FAVORITE BLACK MASCARA - Chanel Inimitable Mascara
FAVORITE RED LIPLINER - Nars Jungle Red Lipliner Pencil
FAVORITE RED LIPSTICK - MAC Russian Red, Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color Red Revival

Get Roaring!


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