Friday, May 06, 2011


I'm officially obsessed. How did I not know about Tumblr sooner? It's like a digital vision board. I have just spent the past two days uploading over 100 photos (and a few quotes) of images that inspire me... from a beautiful face, a vintage Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O or Liz Taylor, to a rare Kate Moss or Madonna black and white (shot by photogs like Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, even a Gus Van Sant), and a colorful landscape or scenery of a Moroccan desert or a a coastal shoreline.

All of these images inspire the way I think about beauty and, subsequently, the way I play with makeup. For if it weren't for the classic beauties like the Grace's, Audrey's, Jackie's and Liz's, or the more obscure and seductive imagery of a Kate Moss or even a nameless model floating naked in a lake, or the colors of a desert - golds and rusts and oranges - my canvas would be rather bleak. Because where you find inspiration is in all the places where you find bits and pieces of beauty, whatever that means to you. And for me, beauty comes from everywhere.

The makeup trends we see on the red carpet or runways - the makeup I wear - is a translation of an inspiration, conscious or unconscious, that someone had at some moment in time.

So, I urge each of you to start a tumblr account and keep a digital vision board of your favorite things that inspire and enchant you. If it's not beautiful things - people or places - you needn't worry, tumblr - and the web - are full of images of any thing your heart desires. But start the dialogue with yourself. Inspire and create.

Wanna see what's got me IN-spired? Click HERE.

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Adelle said...

gorgeous images!

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