Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar WINNERS...

... and we're not talking about that little gold trophy. We'll leave that to the Academy (as in those pompous film people). Nor are we talking about wardrobe. We'll leave the fashion chat to Joan and Melissa (as in Rivers).
We're talking about the hair and make-up. Because, after all, we are the Queen beauty whore!

Beauty winners (and losers...):
(in alphabetical order)
Anne Hathaway
(She looks fine... not fab. I would've liked to see a smokier eye, redder lips and more natural hair. The updo seems a tad too old for her.)
Beyonce Knowles
(girl bores me to tears!!!! Is it just me or does she ALWAYS look the same? I'll give her credit though, her make-up is always flawless.... hmmm... who is her make-up artist?)
Cameron Diaz
(where to start... The hair is too mousy...not bold brown and not gold brown, just brown. She's wayyyy too spray-tanned (a common beauty theme of the evening)... and someone's gotta tell her to chill with the blush. Lets just say, Cameron is such a better blonde...)
Eva Green
(Scary. Get rid of that terrible coiffed do and take a pair of tweezers to those brows. Like, now.)
Gwyneth Paltrow
(another beauty trend was stick straight hair, parted and worn to the side - Nicole Kidman claimed the do too. It's alright on Gwynnie but not my fave. I prefer a middle part. And the red lips (yet another trend... although I think red is tres trendy for all black tie affairs) not a good look on thin lips. Just makes the pout appear even smaller.)
Isla Fisher
(I think she's gorge... love the hair color, tres original. Could live without the bouffant, however).
Jennifer Hudson
(Hot make-up, hot hair. I'm feeling this look...)
Jennifer Lopez
(This hair is tragic. But the eyes and lips are hot. Love the nude lippy.)
Jessica Biel
(That hair do looks like something my 90 year-old grandmother would don. And although I don't want to comment on style, I have to say that this dress is HORRENDOUS.)
Kate Winslet
(I'm a Kate fan, but girl looks like a dude here... she's way better with her hair down... like, WAY better. And it IS the Oscars, a little more dramatic make-up is in order...)
Kirsten Dunst
(The dark lips make her look harsh. And that hair... well, lets just say that she kinda looks like a farm girl. P.S. Cameron and Reese should share their spray tanner with poor Kirsten. She's too damn pale! This is California, people!)
Maggie Gyllenhaal
(The red lippy on small mouths just isn't a good look. And she's sorta channeling her inner man here.)
Penelope Cruz
(Again, I like Penelope much better with her hair down and au natural. The make-up is fine, but nothing spectacular.)
Rachel Weisz
(Beautiful. Although I would've like to have seen her with a more firey red lippy.)
Reese Witherspoon
(Post marriage Reese is wayyyyyy hot! Love the sleek hair. She looks young and hip. My only concern is that the spray tanner went a little wild on the face. Thos cheeks are a tad orange. Pitty. Still team Reese, though!)
Rhea Durham
(She's Marky Mark's babies Moma... but girl's got great face! She looks stunning. My favorite of the night. She's sexy, modern, of-the-now. Straight hair works. Dark Eyes are rocking and the pearlized pink lips are hot! I'd say, Rhea wins the Oscar for best face!!!!)

Whose look did you love? Email at or leave a comment in the comment box below!

And remember, whoever said that beauty is within never had to attend an award show!


alexandra said...

It was surely an evening of overdone or underdone. Rhea Durham was def that perfect balance. And, um, what did you think of Diane Keaton's hair?

One last thing, what the hell sort of product was in Phillip Seymour
Hoffman's hair? That is a mystery for the ages...

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