Monday, March 05, 2007

Your Questions, Answered...

I am an LA resident and love to be tan year round, but I am at the age where
I am really thinking about aging and protectin my skin. I want a deep tan
from a bottle and was wondering if you could recommend a sunless tanner that
really works, price is no issue, just quality.

Thank you!

The Beauty Whore says:
From Sephora, it's called glow fusion... it is the most fabulous self
tanner that I have ever used... I'm gonna be writing about it soon... Keep in mind, it's
very expensive... but not as expensive as curing skin cancer or fixing a withered face!


I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a really good nail hardener or strengthener? My nails are just peeling like crazy. Any brand is fine...........anything from Covergirl to Channel.................price not important.........but dependability.

I thank you so much in advance!!!!


Susan J. Hedrick

The Beauty Whore says:
i like nailtique....(CLICK HERE for product)
it's awesome... $15.00 and well worth every cent!
you must use daily for optimum results!

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