Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CFDA Faces...

The CFDA awards are held in New York City every year and it's (supposed to be) an evening filled with glamorous dresses, their designers and their muses.

Lets play a little game. Which of these celebs gave good face?

Helena Christiansen
Remember her? 1990's SUPERmodel... now she looks like a trannie with bad hair extensions (and a terrible color job)

Ashley Olsen
Half of the Olsen conglomerate, Ashley should have opted for a more youthful look... hair down, less make-up. After all, isn't she only like 20???

Mary-Kate Olsen
That eye make-up gives the impression that she is possessed. And the hair? Ummm... she's in desperate need of a trim. P.S. white is for virgins.

Kate Bosworth
Her make-up is sweet and innocent. A little plain all around. The updo is loose and youthful but nothing really pops for me. It must be all that yo-yo dieting. I mean, stick figure is so not a good look (it actually ages your face!)

Oprah Winfrey
She's a billionaire who saves the world. Who really cares what she looks like? Her beauty is right on... from within.

Chloe Sevigny
Trendsetter? Look closely at her eyelashes... they look like tiny spiders have invaded. It's very mod, but this is 2007.

Eva Mendes
Make-up - 8 out of 10. Hair - 4 out of 10. Eva's a hot girl wihtout even trying to be, which is why I expected more from her. The hair is just too much. It overshadows her hot face.

You tell us, who gave the best face? Leave a comment in the box below!


Cybele said...

yikes, Helena does look harsh!! and the hair extensions from the Olsen, way too long. and Chloe is always hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

Eva Mendes killed everyone else...she's beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love mary kate

Anonymous said...

The CFDA is so cool not only is it start studded, but it honors new designers like Thakoon Panichgul and other new to the scene edgy designers.

Anonymous said...


Nico said...

Oprah looks the best. I love Helena but the hair is too much, she needs to stay a brunette and Eva is always great but the hair is too hippy when she's more of a glamour godess. The Olsen twins need to keep it more natural, they have beautiful eyes and would look better to look their age.

Anonymous said...

what happened to old hollywood, classic style? eva is the prettiest for sure.

Anonymous said...

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