Friday, June 01, 2007


With Summer knocking on Spring's door, the weather is heating up... and so is our make-up!
I found this incredible make-up bag, perfect for those scorching summer days - that actually keeps your products cool, like an ice chest!!! How fab!
IcyBag is fully insulated with a gel pack that keeps items cool (after being frozen or refrigerated overnight). It's pink and tan, fashionable and practical!
I used it last weekend in Malibu... threw my MAC lip glosses and Ligne St. Barth's tanning lotion into the bag. The result: my lip glosses actually kept their form... they didn't melt even a tad... hence, my bag remained clean and fresh!!! Genius!

IcyBag is this summer's must-have make-up bag!


N said...

Pefect! I'm in Texas now and will need this, thank you.


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