Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Make-Up Break Down...

...How to achieve the look in 5 simple steps, that should take NO LONGER then 10 minutes... MAX!

Hair-crazed Jenny was in town this weekend and I decided to do a quick and easy make-over on her! She liked - LOVED - it so much that she immediately went out to buy the products!

Keep it simple. Combine a bronzer, moisturizer AND coverage.
My Picks: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer with a dab of Clinique True Bronze Bronzing Gel in Sunlit Bronze. If you need more moisture, add a dollop of your favorite moisturizer - more coverage, add a bit of your favorite foundation. Then mix all of the products in your hand and apply to face like you would a face moisturizer!
The Look: Flawless complexion with a hint of hue!

It's all about adding just the right amount of color AND highlight.
My Picks: A dab of MAC Ablaze and a dab of MAC Northern Exposure. I dab each together (even amounts) on the brush and then apply. Obviously, work with the product to see what looks best on your skin-tone.
The Look: These colors work great with just about any skin tone - some people may need more of the highlighter (Northern Exposure) and less of the bold color (Ablaze). The look is natural and healthy!

Too much eye make-up tends to leave a person looking like the victim of a fist fight. My eye make-up routine is quick in that you use a base color and play with a couple of other colors as "crease colors" just on the outer corners of your eyes! I highly suggest buying some sort of eye shadow trio or quad. It makes the guessing work virtually nonexistant. All of the colors WILL work together!
My Pick: MAC's Smoking Eyes Eye Shadow 4. Work the lightest shade over the entire eye lid. Then combine a dab of the two darker shades on the brush and apply to the crease and/ or outer corner. You never really need to use the darkest color unless you want to line your eyes or you are going to a black tie affair and feel the need for some drama(tic) eyes!
The Look: A more natural take on the smokey eye.

**4** And for mascara, CLICK HERE
to read my extensive mascara coverage. Just choose a brand that works for you. You don't wanna have to spend hours in front of the mirror seperating your lashes or creating volume and length. The right mascara will do this with one stroke of it's wand! As for color, I say always choose BLACK! Black makes everyone's eyes pop!

There are so many colors and products to choose from, most promising the same exact thing: BIGGER LIPS! Here's my take - pick a hue that works for YOU, not one that is "of the now." Don't go too dark or too light. Something in the middle, without too much frost, usually does the trick. And if you want bigger lips, line the middle of the top and bottom lip with a NUDE pencil, blend it, then apply your favorite lippy.
My Picks: MAC Lustre Barely Lit with Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit. Finding YOUR color is all about layering!
The Look - Natural mauve with a hint of shine!

What's YOUR look? Tell us in the comment box!


Anonymous said...

the makeover was fantastic, sara is the beauty lotion and potion expert. I had so much fun playing with all of sarahs products.Love the natural organic homemade body lotions. Rediscovered body exfoliation with Bliss minty exfolator. Score an amazing conair blow dryer with a brush attached, Was gifte to me by the beauty maven herself from her top pics of self-used items. Cut dryin time in half from ionic dryer bc it never dies and decided I must wear makeup finally. Just being tan has begun to reap havick on my skin. Lines premeture aging due to break down in collagen from smoking oversun exposure ect..Sarah created this easy simple process which took no more than five min to apply to leave my skin even, sunkissed, tan looking, blemish free and glowing. Took 5-10 yrs off my face. More to come from sarah she is almost as good as me when it comes to beauty haaa. No but for real I am the hair expert!!!!!!!!...Miss u sadie and Sarah cant wait to come visit again..

Lorin said...

Nice advice. I'm always looking for ways to reduce the insane amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning and this will help!

Allyson said...

Hi I really love all the products you posted for the 10 minute face! Great time saver. Looks terrific!


Melissa said...

wow, you have just shown me quite a few products that I have to get my hands on! You have also provided me with a great time-saving routine. I just want to add one thing: no matter how strapped you are for time, never forget to apply sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!

Sheena said...

Thanks for the tips! :) I always have issues with eyeshadow, so I've sort of given up and just stick with one shade across the lids...but after reading your comments, I think I'll have to try one of those MAC quads!

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