Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Fashion Indie is a brilliant site, one of my daily must-reads, so you can understand my excitement when I logged on to find that MY BLOG WAS MENTIONED!!! And not just a mention... an entire paragraph devoted to promoting Beauty Banter as a must-read for 2008!!!

"My BBF (Best Blogger Friend) the classy and gorgeous Sarah Howard has gotten to a point where every day a new range of top notch beauty products are delivered directly to her mailbox so she can write up all the rage. Beauty Banter is taking over all the glamor whores from the east to west coast. And it doesn’t hurt that all her well publicized gal pals offer an intimate look into their beauty bags ie. beautiful starlet Bijou Phillips, or rock royalty princess Kimberly Stewart!!! Fashion Week daily featured this film of her and her stylish girl friends... watch it!!! Inside Edition LA it girls!"

To check out the entire post, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to Kristen over at Angel Lust for always having our beautifully tanned and exfoliated back!


Angel Lust PR said...

I'm sooo happy you loved it!!! I try to give give give, because I get so much back in return in many forms. Its going to be a very lucrative year for me with my blog,and I hope if you end up selling Beauty Banter one day,well I hope you keep a certain percentage to always commission off of. hearts-Kristen ps I looked at Krissy's Sophomore stuff.VERY CUTE!!! Gonna write about it on indie!!!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Congrats on your mention and happy new year!

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