Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The sexy and gifted actress Shiri Appleby, best known for her roles in Roswell, Swimfan, Six Degrees and as "Jailbait" in the current Tom Hanks flick, Charlie Wilson's War, was kind enough to document her SAG Awards red carpet preparation exclusively for Beauty Banter.

Besides being gorgeous and talented (flawless skin, massive brown eyes and a long, thick mane to die for...), Shiri's also just about the sweetest girl in all of Hollywood! We actually went to junior high together (she was just as equally beautiful and popular back then too!) and lately, we enjoy painting the town every M.A.C. hue of red!

Now back to the SAG Awards...

Shiri opted for a flirty black Miu Miu dress and nude, patent leather Christian Louboutins.

As for her beauty inspiration, she wanted "sexy and soft but modern."

Daniel Erdman, Shiri's longtime hair stylist, chose to do loose and long flowing hair with a lot of layers. As for their collaboration, Shiri says, "we just talk about life. I dictate how I feel and he turns it into a style."

And for her make-up, Shiri actually did it herself (so un-diva... love it)! "I always do my own make-up. When other people do it, I never quite feel like I look like me. I like simple and clean. I'm all about a nice eye and nude lips."

Shiri's must-have make-up items (the ones she brought along to the SAG Awards...):
Stila convertible compact in Poppy (a Beauty Banter FAVE)
MAC eyeliner in grey
Rosebud Salve lip balm
DiorShow Blackout Mascara

And her one, can't live without product...
MAC make-up wipes!
"I'm addicted. They're soft, non-soapy and great for tired nights when you just don't feel like washing your face."

A-list Advice:
"I eat healthy, drink lots of water and work-out."

Taking care of yourself from the inside out... we like it!


Anonymous said...

Love that girl. I covet her hair, skin and toned bod. She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Shiri looked fantastic. I always like her makeup.

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous!! I like that she does her own make up and still manages to hold her own amidst those big name stars to pay others to make them look beautiful. Shiri's a natural beauty!!

Anonymous said...

What I admire the most (in opposition to all the other stars I'm used to seeing) is that she is so damn casual, she's never trying to catch the attention histerically. Seems always so relaxed and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Shiri is such a natural and flawless beauty and her sense of fashion is always adorable and sexy at the same time.

Dolemite said...

Hubba hubba ... loved her in Charlie Wilson's War

dirtydiana said...


obsessed with those shoes!


Anonymous said...

Totally LOVE HER!!! ALWAYS HAVE!!! She's such a natural and talented beauty! VERY REAL and TRUE and sooo...not always trying (if ever trying...I've NEVER seen her try because she's just so damn incredibly gorgeous and sweet) to be sooo over the top and in your face! SHE'S SO REAL and such a VERY TRUE, TALENTED, and NATURAL BEAUTY!!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS & WONDERFUL...in beauty, style, and definitely her down-to-earth, generous, gracious, sweet, and loveable personality! She's such lovely QUEEN!

She has ALWAYS been wonderful!! She is our lovely, talented, and our generations/today's Audrey Hepburn! She looks so much like her and has a presence like her! She has her same grace and gorgeous style! And is so graceful, peaceful, and gorgeous just the same! Shiri could be a gracious heir/princess to a throne...she has such a royal presence!

(I would love to see ONLY Shiri as "CATWOMAN"--[with her it would be good and not that crap movie that we got before...or even if they do another Batman movie and bring in Catwoman with the franchise being hott and starting over with Christine Bale and such] she would be a GREAT, sexy, seductive and beautiful "CATWOMAN"! And if they ever decided to re-make "Breakfast at Tiffany's" I would love to see Shiri and Shiri ONLY play Audrey Hepburn's role...I think she would be the only GREAT choice and look-a-like for the role! I wish she could play "Wonder Woman" or would have played "Lois Lane" in the new "Superman" franchise with Brandon Roth. I wish she would play one of Henry the 8th's wives...(of course a dark-haired one...because WOW!! Her hair is ALWAYS and has ALWAYS been absolutely gorgeous!)...in a film or in the Showtime series "The Tudors"! I wish she would have played Anne Boleyn in the new film that's coming out called "The Other Boleyn Girl" with Natalie Portman, Eric Bana, and Scarlett Johansen. I like Natalie too...but sometimes you want and need to see new faces who can do the job just as well and just as beautifully!

Shiri is just amazing and I would love to see her in such films! She would be absolutely wonderful and beautiful in those roles! Like she is in all her other roles...especially as Elizabeth "Liz" Parker-Evans from Roswell! Totally wish they would do a Roswell movie!!! That would be awesome with the characters aged and seeing where life has led them and what they're up to now...especially Max & Liz!!!

GO SHIRI...YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY NATURALLY GORGEOUS and TALENTED!!! Audrey Hepburn today = Our lovely, talented, gorgeous, and gracious...SHIRI APPLEBY!!!

Annie said...

Shiri look so pretty!!!!!!

Aaron said...

She's AMAZING!!!!!!! Post more about her please! She captivates my scenses!

Anonymous said...

Shiri is the hottest (All Natural), most talented, hard working under rated Actress in Hollywood.

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