Sunday, February 24, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Oscar 2008 came and went with a myriad of cinematic talent... some winners, sadly, more losers. But what we here at Beauty Banter really care about is...

Who Gave Best Face on the Red Carpet!

Here are the nominees (in alphabetical order):

Anne Hathaway - she looks ravishing with the red lips, dark eyes and hair pulled back into a clean and tidy pony (also loving the length of her hair - not short, yet not too long...)

Cameron Diaz - She's got that whole "beach look" thing going on... Messy hair, light make-up, subtlety. Cam's a hot chick - she always looks good, but I'm not sure if this is what one rocks to the most decadent awards ceremony in the world... maybe a hair brush is in order?

Heidi Klum - I LOVED this look! Heidi is a true glamizon, a real-life Barbie doll. Dark eyes, light lips, a posh up-do. It's a total throwback to Old Hollywood (I'm thinking she's channeling a bit of Ms. Grace Kelly...)

Jennifer Garner - I was literally stupified when I saw Jen Garner strut her stuff on the red carpet. She looks HOTTER then ever. LOVE the updo with the side-swiped bangs, the dramatic eyes with a focus on major lashes, and the light lips. Oh and I'm mildly obsessed with this hair color. This look ROCKS!

Jessica Alba - I'm digging the updo, very Grecian with the braids. Her skin glows... it always glows, but even more so here. Maybe it's a pregnancy glow... I don't know. But she looks good. Lips and eyes are pretty - simple, nothing outrageous, nothing risky. It all works.

Katherine Heigl - I feel like I've seen this look on her a dozen times before. Tight curls, light eyes, dramatic, red lips (very Marilyn Monroe). It suits her well but I'm ready for a change. And P.S. her lippy is the same exact hue as the dress... hmmm...

Keri Russel - Another decent up-do. Make-up is pretty too. It's all a little safe. Kind of blah. She looks good, it just doesn't pop! On another note, I cannot believe how SICK her body is... and she had a baby like, what, a year ago?!

Marion Cotillard - Side part, long, wavy locks... loving the hair! The French actress is super sexy and naturally beautiful. She may have won the Best Actress Award, but she's also winning best face too! Tres magnifique!

Miley Cyrus - Let's forget for one second that this teen Disney star actually presented at the Academy Awards, what is she doing with her lips? I kid you not, she struck this same pose in dozens of photos. Poor girl must want plumper lips... hey, she's rich enough... buy them! At least she wasn't trying to look too much older then her age... besides the pout, she's looking good. Hair is cute, make-up is fresh and pretty.

Penelope Cruz - If I could be reincarnated (looks-wise), I'd want to come back as the hotness that is Penelope Cruz. She is sophisticated, sexy and absolutely stunning. I love the half-up hair. It frames that gorgeous face of hers perfectly! She's a Spanish goddess, plain and simple. Muy caliente!

Renee Zelleger - Two words: All Wrong. The hair is a hot mess (the cut is horrendous) and her make-up looks like it's caked on. And her brows scare me. I don't know why, but they make her look like an alien. I'm sure she's really sweet though.

What did YOU think? Who wins best face???


Alex said...

Jennifer Gardener looked phenominal! Prettiest by a mile!



cassie said...

Heidi Klum wins by a landslide! She's perfect

Anonymous said...

HEIDI KLUM!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keri Russell, or Penelope Cruz! Natural yet glamazon, I loved it!

alex in wonderL.A.nd said...

i thought cotillard and garner both looked graceful but youthful and they looked like they were really having fun with it. And isn't that the key?

Jackie said...

Renee Zelwigger has the puffiest cheeks... what is that?

Garner looked fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba is so beautiful. I thought she looked amazing.


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