Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Another vital product that got a lot of face time in Coachella was my MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick with SPF 15. Sure, this isn't exactly a "new" product, but I adore rediscovering old favorites!!! And protecting your lips is tres importante... can you imagine gnarley, oozing, sun burned lips??? So unkissable!

The MAC Tinted Lippy is mega moisturizer with a splash of sheer color. It leaves lips soft and nourished with a slight hue. The perfect lippy for sun-time because it also has UVA/ UVB protection of SPF 15. Not only are your lips protected from burns and chapping, your precious pout also looks moisturized, colorful, and sexy!

I keep it in my bag and apply an upwards of 8 times a day. I LOVE how easily and smoothly it glides on to my lips. And with 5 sheer colors to choose from, everyone will find their special one! Personally, I dig the Strobe Current, a natural, plum with a golden red strobe pearl (very sheer). If you don't like any color, try the Strobe Beam... it's clear with a dash of strobe pearl!

So next time you're venturing to the beach, or you just want a simple lippy that hydrates and protects against the sun's harsh rays, remember my new summer fave, MAC'S Lip Conditioner!
Price Tag: 14.50


Jess said...

I totally love your blog, thanks so much for all the product reviews and info you post here. I already tried a few products you recommended. i prefer the lip tint form estee lauder over the mac one tho. The other day I stumbled upon this blog: anyways, the people there claim that this face massager thingie makes anti-aging and skin care products up to 70% more effective cos it allows them to penetrate deep into the skin. My question is: have any of you experience with this or a similar product? Does it work or would you recommend me to try it out?

please feel free to remove the link if it violates your blog's policy. i don't wanna advertise for them, I'd just like to get an opinion from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to beauty products. ty so much!!!

Callie said...

i've used these forever! they're great! and the colors are so natural, perfect for daytime!

jog said...

hey i've enjoyed your blog for a while but i'm finally getting into the blog reader from google so i'm really keeping up! i love products that are sort of...fuss free!

are there any other great must-haves you took to coachella? i'm thinking about heading to bonnaroo still...i went once before and the beauty routine was rough!!! any tips would be awesome!

Beauty Banter said...

Hi Jog,
Sunblock!!! Lots of it... I like the neutrogena with helioplex, spf 55 OR 70!
I also use a great mascara and a tinted moisturizer, something that adds a bit of tan to your face (I'm loving the new tarte one!)... keeps the makeup time down to about 3 minutes!!!
beauty banter

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