Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Brow Makeover With Anastasia

Brow specialist to the stars, Anastasia, took the time from her busy celebrity schedule to preen my brows. She gave me a little snip-snip and reshaping... and an **exclusive** Beauty Banter interview:

We already posted about our must-have Anastasia brow kit.... now the real question is:

What makes for good brows?!

Anastasia says that good brows are all about a person's bone structure and natural brow shape, not the current trends. A common misconception is that a darker brow makes the brow look thicker. Not true, says Anastasia. It actually makes the brow look heavier. To achieve a thicker brow, you have to allow your hairs to grow in properly. But what if your hairs just don't grow (like me) in certain places? Anastasia suggests purchasing a brow grower like her BROW, it stimulates hair growth. Anastasia also points out that lighter brows make the eyes pop more....

As far as must-have products to maintain beautiful brows: "Stencils ($20.00 for the set) to follow the shape," Anastasia urges. "And don't overpluck!"

As for my brow makeover, here's how Anastasia worked her magic:

Apparently, I have an inverted arch. I arch in ALL the wrong places (this is only good when we're speaking in sexual terms...).

So she waxed, plucked, and cut stray hairs.

Then added powder with a brush to fill in the "holes" and a brow gel to set the brows in place. Finally, a tinted highlighter to define lines and highlight brow bone (also great in between waxes to hide protruding hairs).

Voila! New Brows!


Askmewhats said...

oh my goodness! your brows looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect!!!

Angel Lust PR said...

gorgeous new brows, I'm a fan of her work...

Beauty Banter said...

thanks girlies!!!! I like them too!

Beauty Banter

Fashionalities said...

I LOVE your necklace in the Anastasia blog...where did you get it from? Fashionalities natasha.holstine@gmail.com.


Beauty Banter said...

Hey Fashionista... it's actually a heart with pave diamonds set against a gold chain - from 14 karats in Los Angeles.. thanks for the love!!!!


Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

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