Friday, August 29, 2008

Turbolash Review

Estee Lauder's highly hyped vibrating mascara, Turbolash, is sold out everywhere. However, we were fortunate enough to sample the product before it went M.I.A.

It's a pretty amazing piece of technology. The entire wand vibrates from the top thanks to a specialized "motor." It reminds us of Spinlash, although the Spinlash brush revolves back and forth as opposed to the wand, and it does so quite slowly making it much more of a process to apply the mascara. Turbolash is fast. You hold the vibrating wand in your hand and apply the mascara as you would any normal one. The LashSonic Brush with micro-pulse bristles "oscillates" at 125 cycles per second. Basically, this means that your lashes are coated, volumized and separated by the "turbo brush" vibrating wand in a fraction of the time. What sets this mascara apart from Spinlash (besides the speed) is that the mascara formula is awesome - even without the vibrating wand, this is a mascara worth wearing!

It may take a minute to get used to the vibrations - but once you do, application is a piece of cake. It's even - dare we say - soothing to the hand, as the vibrating wand creates a massaging experience.

PRICE TAG: $30.00

Next up to try: Lancome's Oscillation Mascara (launching in November). Even more vibrations...

We sense a trend taking form - vibrating wands - What company dares to follow suit next?


Anonymous said...

I really want to try this but I'm nervous about the wand getting into my eye.

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