Tuesday, September 02, 2008

5 Unconventional Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline is a beauty staple. Every makeup kit (and every bathroom) should have a jar/ tube/ tube of Vaseline (a.k.a. petroleum jelly). It comes in all shapes and sizes and sells for anywhere from $2.00 (for the tub to the left) to about $8.00 (depending on size).

Obviously, conventional use of Vaseline is to cure chapped lips... and we love it for its ability to moisturize and soothe a dry pout. But Vaseline is SO MUCH MORE then merely an effective lip balm.

Here's 5 other amazing uses for Vaseline:

1 - If you're an avid reader of this blog then you'll know that we also use Vaseline as a non-irritating and soothing eye makeup remover. A little dollop on a shut eye, a quick wipe with a cotton pad, and even the most irritating mascara comes right off (without ripping the lashes off too!).

2 - Every night before bed, I rub a pea-size amount of Vaseline on my eye brows. It's the perfect emollient to help moisturize and course brows AND it also molds them into place without the harsh effects of hair spray or gel. My brows have a tendency to grow down and thus I use Vaseline to train them to grow up! I've been doing this for years... and it works!

3 - Vaseline is also great for shaving sensitive and "intimate" areas. I don't like to use it on my entire leg (as it gets a tad greasy) but for the bikini area and underarms, it's pretty phenomenal. Coat the area with a light layer (make sure not to use too much as it will plug up your razor) of Vaseline - DON'T USE WATER - and shave. It's as easy as that. The shaved area is so soft, SO smooth and totally moisturized! It's a genius shave.

4 - One of my favorite things about Vaseline is that it is an incredible base for lip glosses, cream shadows and highlighters. This trick is like being a chemist, but it's so much fun. To create your own, personalized colors (or to use the excess of last seasons colors), mix Vaseline and any other lip stick or eye shadow in a bowl (you can use both shadow and lip stick). For a lippy, use more Vaseline. For a cream shadow and/ or highlighter, mix a little bit of Vaseline with your favorite shimmery shadow. And then apply to eyes, brow bone and cheek bone for a glowing, luminous look!
**extra beauty secret** if you're feeling (and looking) a little tired, you can use a very thin layer of Vaseline on the brow bone and the cheek bone (by itself, sans color) to make your eyes appear hydrated. They'll literally "pop" without the need for a cat nap or some heavy duty concealer. I do this during the day if I'm in my car going from meeting to meeting. By the end of the afternoon, I'm exhausted and my eyes show the signs of fatigue. But with a little extra glow from the Vaseline, I automatically look rejuvenated!

5 - Vaseline is the greatest hand and feet moisturizer EVER! I use it when my paws and claws are extremely chapped. Coat your hands and feet with a decent amount of Vaseline, then apply socks and mittens (or you can do sock for the hands as well) to both the feet and hands and let them hibernate for 10 -15 minutes (enough time for the petroleum jelly to soak into the skin). The socks trap the moisture and combine it with heat to allow for full penetration (not sexual, you dirty minds!). The result - freshly hydrated and smooth hands and feet! It's like your very own at-home paraffin treatment!

Do YOU have an unconventional use for Vaseline? Let us know! Share it in the comment box below!


Anonymous said...

If you're dyeing your hair, you can use vaseline along your hairline and ears to prevent the skin from getting covered in dye.

Beauty Banter said...

Yes! I've actually done that many times!

thanks, Decorative Diva.

Beauty Banter

Cynthia @ IndulgeThyself.com said...

I love Vaseline- it's one of those cheap beauty items with so many uses! Like you, I've also used it on my lips. It has also been an excellent moisturizer for my eyelashes. My eyelashes can sometimes get dry and tangled up, perhaps from cleaning off my mascara too many times. Just a teeny weeny smudge of Vaseline on my lashes once a day helps keeps them conditioned, smooth, and untangled. Not to mention that my lashes get an ultra-light gloss from this as well.

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Great post! I have discovered that the name brand stuff is the best. They must run it through the strainer LOTS of times. Generic stuff doesn't compare.

Did you get a new header? Nice:)

Beauty Banter said...

Yes, new header... do you like?

Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter said...

I LOVE the lashes tip - that's like what I do for my brows - moisturize with a nice glisten. I'll def be trying that one out.

thanks, Cynthia!

Beauty Banter

Jen Hill said...

I too, love the versatility and frugality of Vaseline.

I have used Vaseline forever on my lips and for very chapped dry skin (and sore baby bums). Vaseline really is the wonder jelly.

Wonderful post!

ohsolicious said...

Can it also double as an under eye moisturiser or extremely chapped cheeks?

Beauty Banter said...

Dear Ohsolicious,
I'm sure you could use it for chapped cheeks and under eye moisture, although it may be a tad too greasy. I'd suggest purchasing a heavy-duty moisturizer (one with vitamins and anti-oxidants). Although, my friend Kaycee used to slab Eucerin all over her face!

Beauty Banter

eikcaj said...

YOU'RE A GENIUS! I love these ideas. I believe that you could do the same things with Smith's Rosebud Salve as well! Except Vaseline is probably cheaper. I could possibly test out both to see which is more effective? Great ideas! Thanks a bunch!

Beauty Banter said...

Thanks, Eikcaj -
I do love being called a genius! I'm sure you could use rosebud but the rose fragrance might irritate some skins... petroleum jelly is very gentle and fragrance free!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

Put it on the threads at the top of bottles of nail polish and extra-heavy-duty glues; the tops will unscrew with ease.

Anonymous said...

I use Baby Vaseline for all sorts of things. It's just as gentle, but has the softest baby smell. Soothing dry skin, changing a dark lipstick into a lighter gloss, taming eyebrows, you name it.

Rumela said...

Last four winter months i was use five bottles of veseline body lotion.its smell is totally different from other branded product.after use i filling very smooth & comfortable. it has no side effect.i use regular after both or night.

alex said...

If you want to go the petrol free route, Alba make unpetroleum jelly which you can find at Whole Foods or online (www.unpetroleum.com).

Lisa said...

yes I totally agree with Decorative Diva, I mostly use vaseline to protect my hair line when applying a perm or dyeing my hair.

Melissa said...

some people like me have legs that are closer togther so when we walk like in a dress or skirt the inner part of my thighs rub together and it hurts like crazy after a long day... well if you put vasaline before your day it prevents the rash and pain

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