Monday, September 15, 2008

Backstage with Charlotte Ronson

Mercedes Benz New York Fall Fashion Week is finally over. Fashionistas are clearing out of the city and designers are hard at work on Spring Fashion Week...

BUT here at Beauty Banter we're taking an inside look at one of our favorite fashion designer's Spring 09 (debuted at the Promenade on Saturday, September 6, 2008) line: Charlotte Ronson!

is an old friend of ours so we're very excited that we LOVE THE SPRING LINE SO MUCH!!! And we're even more excited to use our "friends and family" discount for these must-have frocks!

Now, onto the beauty. celebrity makeup artist, Tina Turnbow, transformed the innocent faces of the models into "grungy meets Lucky Star (as in Madonna)."

Charlotte says the inspiration came from asking these 3 questions: "Where were you between '88 and '92? What were you listening to? And what were you wearing? The make-up was designed to portray a touch of the 80's toned down with a hint of grunge. This gave an edgier look to my girl."

Tina, who used Tarte Cosmetics on the models, said "The makeup for Charlotte Ronson merged new wave and grunge. It featured a strong 80s brow and contoured cheek and the undone vibe of 90s grunge. Lip color was more of a bitten stain rather than a full color or gloss. The lid had a hint of olive green and a good coat of mascara. The look was a bit tough, but pretty and had an edge in its imperfection."

Here are some pics from the show:

We're obsessed with the burst-of-berry stained lips! And the deep eyes really bring out the authentic beauty. Nothing too over the top, this look is SO natural yet sultry. It's like a flashback to supermodels - glam meets grunge!

Hair styled with Sebastian hair products (we heart the messy, pulled back hair and side braids!).


Jana said...

I've been wearing her clothes for years - when they were C.ronson. These new pieces are rad: a lot more sophisticated. I do like the makeup to. Something very beautiful about the not really done, messy look.

When are the clothes available to buy?


Beauty Banter said...

Jana -

Charlotte's clothes are awesome! And I agree, the beauty in this look is that it's not so "made up." There is a natural, real quality to the girls!

The clothes are available on the website:

Beauty Banter

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