Monday, September 15, 2008

Oily Skin Still Needs Moisture

A common misperception of oily skin is that extra moisture is bad. Not true! If you dry out your skin you are actually telling your oil glands to produce more oil. Thus, when you cease to use a moisturizer, your oil glands will actually secrete additional oil giving you that shiny complexion and regenerating the break-out cycle . UGH, what a problem!

Trust me, girlies, I can relate. I too am cursed with oily skin (at least I won't get wrinkles... as long as I stay clear from the sun!!!).

Well, here's a solution: Kate Somerville's new Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Here are the deets:
A super lightweight, fragrance free moisturizer that tones and hydrates the skin. Besides offering sensitive, oily faces the necessary moisture, it also fights signs of aging! Pepha-Tight is an algae-based skin tightener that aids in firming and toning, while Red Marine Algae increases cell tunrover, elasticity and reduces fine lines. Sepilift contains a high concentration of Hydroxyproline (the main molecular component of collagen) which helps to firm the skin while stimulating collagen fibers.

Kate Somerville has long been known for her A-list facials and products with a celebrity following including Paris Hilton, Kate Walsh and Kirsten Dunst (they swear by Kate in a Jar - a mini facial in a bottle!).

The new Oil-Free Moisturizer is sure to create quite a stir among celebrity faces! It's amazingly soothing and light. My favorite part about the product is the packaging. The jar has a unique applicator - you don't dip your hands into the cream, instead, you press the top down and a dollop of moisturizer escapes from the tiny hole in the middle (like the alcohol dispensers at the nail salon). It's effective because you never stick dirty fingers into the jar, contaminating the contents! The moisturizer always stays potent and clean, thus your skin is always protected from grime (make sure to wash hands thoroughly before applying face products... DUH). This moisturizer worked wonders on my oily, incredibly sensitive mug! My face was glowing (and not from excess oil) all day long. I appeared well rested and my complexion felt smooth and firm. I definitely felt celebrity status!

PRICE TAG: $65.00 for 1.7 oz


Hazel said...

thanks for this! i didn't think i needed moisturizer.

Beauty Banter said...

Hazel - make sure to moisturize!!!!

Happy to help!

Beauty Banter

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