Thursday, September 25, 2008


The ultimate beauty whore finally took care of her blinding black roots!!! I love beauty - and I love great hair - but I still get SO nervous when someone new touches my luscious locks.

With a bit of trepidation, I went to see the highly-sought after, West Coast Baliage specialist, George Papanikolas, at the newly opened (and amazingly chic) Andy Lecompte Salon. I've mentioned before that I often quip I have million-dollar hair (because of the amount of money I've spent on cuts, color, blow-outs, products, more color, more cuts), so needless to say, I can be a bit of a pain in the stylist's chair.

We were going for a sun-kissed, au-natural, bright look... I wanted the color gold (yes, like the commodity - the only thing worth any money these days!). When I'm meant to fill out forms that ask my hair color, I always write in "gold." It leaves men very confused...

Here's how it all went down:

I walked into the salon with THESE roots...

(YUCK! I know...)

After a quick baliage (click HERE to get a play-by-play on baliage), my head was covered with a plastic bag. Armed with the October InStyle Magazine (which, by the way, is amazing - such great beauty tips and products and even better fashion trend forecasting), I was sent to the heaters.

(This is my new date-look!)

After about 30 minutes under the heater, my hair was washed, my roots were glossed with a clear gloss (to break the darkness) and Joico's K-Pak (a heavy-duty conditioning treatment) was slathered on my locks to ensure a healthy, moisturized, tangle-free mane.

The outcome:

(Bye-bye blackness!)

No more roots - just pure, golden sexiness!

(Directly after color - natural day light)

Not only was George so kind and patient, he also lived up to the hype - MY HAIR LOOKS FAB!!! Thanks, George for making my hair color experience pain-free!

(Sarah and color-maven, George!)

What do YOU think about the new color?

(That night - all glammed up for a bday!)

To book George for your next baliage appointment, call 310-273-4100.


andi said...

Oooo!! LOVE!

Can I ask what level your hair is naturally? I'm a 5.5, but I'm wanting to go blond like this. My hair tends to show a lot of red tones when I go lighter though. Is that because I can't find a competent colorist?

You look amazing!!

Beauty Banter said...

Hi Andi -

Thanks for your comment! My hair is very dark naturally and although this is the result of years of baliage, I do think that competent colorist can achieve this look on anyone's natural color. You just need to lighten your base and/ or highlight your entire head.

As for the red tones, this is SO common - and has happened to me before. It means that your hair has become oxidized - I will be posting on how to maintain and achieve the hair color of your dreams next week - and discussing red tones.

Beauty Banter

BeautyTalk said...

you are seriously beautiful!! I just gone my roots done too recently :)

Tamikia T said...

wow! modelesque! I wish I can go there butim in New York!

AdminVoilalaMode said...

your hair looks great! i love it! i am going today to have my roots done! i am also a hair freak LOL

Beauty Banter said...

thanks to EVERYONE who wrote such nice comments about the new hair!!!

loves it!

Beauty Banter

Phyrra said...

You look gorgeous :)

You make me want to try going gold some day myself!

Angel Lust PR said...

This is by far the most decadent color you've pulled off yet. It looks 24 Karat gold...So jealouse!!!

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