Monday, October 13, 2008

A Natural Antiseptic: Products and Uses of Tea Tree Oil

For those not in the know, tea tree oil is an amazing natural antiseptic! Back in the day, Australians used the medicinal leaves from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant for healing cuts, burns and infections. Nowadays, it's still used to treat cuts, burns and infections (but we use the oil not the leaves!), as it stimulates and revives cell growth. AND it's a great natural remedy for acne!

Besides being used for burns, cuts and acne, tea tree oil is also fabulous for:


But, get this: Tea tree oil is also SO amazing if you suffer from sinus congestion.... just add a cap full into boiling water and/ or a humidifier and you'll have easy breathing all night (and day) long!

Editor's Pick for Pure Tea Tree Oil:

Desert Essence Kinder to Skin Australian Tea Tree Oil (great for sensitive skin-types; can be used directly on the skin without diluting). $6.99 for

A few of our favorite products with tea tree oil:

Astara's Blue Flame Purification Mask - Fab blue clay mask with antiseptic tea tree oil - amazing for problem skin. Also rocks as an overnight spot treatment. $41.00
Earth Therapeutics Clean + Cool Foot Wipes - Tea Tree oil and wild mint, clean, replenish and revive tired, dirty feet. They tingle ever so slightly giving feet a quick pick me up! $5.99
Desert Essence Blemish Stick - the name pretty much gives it away - great for daily blemish touch-ups, comes with a roller ball applicator - I never leave home without it! $9.00
Ole Henriksen New Beginning Scrub - A very gentle and emolliant face exfoliator that uses jojoba wax beads - great from sensitive skin or acne-prone skin as tea tree oil acts as antiseptic aiding in ceasing the spread of infection. $24.00
WEN by Chaz Dean Tea Tree Oil For Bath, Body and Hair - A dropper ads just the right amount of this medicinal oil into the bath for a relazing, healing experience. Can also be used to combat dry, flaky scalp by putting 4-8 full droppers into scalp, massage and leave on overnight! $20.00

We heart when one product can do SOOOO much!


Ageless Beauty said...

I love tea tree oil, for just about everything. Its pretty much my go-to EO, along with lavender. Nice post!

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